Black Ivory Coffee

Black Ivory Coffee

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Black Ivory Coffee is a unique and rare type of coffee known for its unconventional production process. This extremely unique & rare coffee is produced in northern Thailand, and what sets it apart is the way it is processed.
9th Street Coffee's Black Ivory Coffee is made using Arabica coffee beans that are consumed and naturally processed by Thai elephants. The process begins with ripe coffee cherries being eaten by elephants. Truthfully speaking, they eat the entire coffee plant.  The cherries undergo a different level of fermentation in the elephants' digestive systems, where natural enzymes break down the proteins that can make coffee taste bitter. After being excreted by the elephants, the beans are carefully collected from their dung, thoroughly cleaned, and then roasted at about 500 degrees to produce the coffee.
Proponents of Black Ivory Coffee understand that the fermentation process imparts unique flavors to the beans, resulting in a coffee with a distinctive taste profile that is less acidic and has a smoother, earthier sweeter flavor compared to traditional coffee.
It's worth noting that the production of Black Ivory Coffee is limited, and it is considered one of the rarest and most sot after coffees in the world.  Due to the labor-intensive and specialized process involved in its production, its not easy to acquire. The unique production method and the rarity of the coffee contribute to its exclusivity and high market value.   

Black Ivory is a very delicate coffee bean. Prior to shipping, each bag is hand ground to your choice to ensure a perfect result.

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