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Organic - fair trade - Responsibly sourced

For us, coffees and teas are more than just drinks that give us energy or prepare us for a monotonous work day. The science and history of these humble plants and how they relate to us as humans is something we are dedicated to studying. We yearn to identify and harness what makes each of our single origin coffees and loose leaf teas from around the world unique. We are constantly working to formulate heart warming, healing, and downright delicious tea blends and coffee roasts whose histories are spoken loud and clear with every sip.

A huge part of how we can bring the highest quality coffees and teas from some of the most remote regions in the world is by placing our care for the people and the environment that nurture these plants at the forefront of our mission. For us, catchphrases like “fair trade” and “environmentally conscious” aren’t just labels you can slap on to products willy nilly. The history of coffee and tea trade has for centuries been dominated by colonial exploitation that has only exacerbated the harsh living conditions of people inhabiting the global Coffee Belt. By working directly with farms instead of through an absentee middleman, we get to ensure that our business practices invest directly into the wellbeing and agency of these farmers. We work with non-profit groups like the Periyar Tiger Reserve in India and the UNDP Africa program to uplift environmental conservation and ethical labor practices.

By building lasting ties across communities, we can deliver a diverse array of coffees and teas that accommodate all styles.

About Us

our history

9th Street Coffee was founded by a 3rd generation coffee farmer, Jake. His grandfather left Italy for Colombia shortly after the rise of Mussolini. Eventually, he gathered enough funds to buy a small plot of land to farm his own coffee beans.

our journey

Eventually, the business expanded to connect more and more farmers to international trade and to develop state-of-the-art coffee roasting techniques in house. After years of work, we have become a one stop shop for all your global coffee and tea desires.

our work today

These days, we're thrilled to offer you a cohesive and diverse variety of the highest quality coffees and teas. We strive to create a community of coffee and tea historians, experts, and novices who can come together over a warm cup of one of our many many drinks.