Organic Galapagos Island Santa Cruz Coffee

Organic Galapagos Island Santa Cruz Coffee

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Galapagos Island offers one of the most flavorful and complex varieties of Arabica coffee beans known to exist. The volcanic soil of Santa Cruz produces an incredibly unique taste and sensation, featuring a smooth earthy note with an essence of citrus and a mild mineral finish. 9th Street's treasure from Santa Cruz is the perfect way to begin you day and to add to that, a portion of each bag exported goes towards supporting the efforts of sea turtle conservation throughout the islands.

Roast Level: City Roast Plus 5
Caffeine Level: Medium
Acidity Level: Medium
Varietal: Arabica
Elevation: 1,000 - 3,000 ft above sea level
Region: Santa Cruz
Accreditation: Certified Organic - Fair Trade - Single Origin - Single Plantation - Recycled/Biodegradable Packaging

Well balanced between dense earthy and effervescent citrusy qualities

Orders of 5 lbs or more require 2-3 days for processing

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100% Organic & Responsibly Sourced Coffee Beans & Teas are more than just a slogan. We are proud to align ourselves with such environmentally conscious organization such as, The UNDP Africa Project, The Latin American Coffee Growers Cooperative, The Malawi Women's Farming Program and The Royal Indian Tiger Reserve Project. 9th Street's partnership with these and other non-profit groups allows us the unique opportunity to provide a high quality, great tasting unique line of products, but more importantly, it helps enhance the lives of those who work so hard to bring it to us.

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