Free Range Kopi Luwak

Free Range Kopi Luwak

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9th Street's Kopi Luwak coffee beans are unique in the way they are processed.  They come from the feces of free range civet cats, a small mammal found in certain coffee-producing regions, 9th Street Coffee's Kopi Luwak comes from Sumatra, the same farm we ahve been buying our Sumatra coffee beanms for more than 20 years.  The process of making Kopi Luwak involves several distinct steps.  

Step 1.  Consumption by Civet Cats: The civet selects and eats ripe coffee cherries. The cherries are consumed whole, including the pulp and the coffee beans inside.

Step 2. Fermentation in the Civet's Digestive System: The coffee cherries go through the civet's digestive system, where enzymes are believed to alter the chemical composition of the beans through fermentation.

Step 3.  Excretion: The coffee beans are excreted by the civet cat. The beans are collected from the feces, thoroughly cleaned, and then processed.

Step 4.  Cleaning and Processing: After collection, the beans undergo a cleaning process to remove any remaining traces of the outer cherry layers. They are then roasted to produce coffee. 

Its crazy to think coffee drinkers would go through all this just to have a cup of coffee, but WOW, its an incredible great tasting cup of coffee. 

Kopi Luwak is a very delicate coffee bean. Prior to shipping, each bag is hand ground to your choice to ensure a perfect result.

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100% Organic & Responsibly Sourced Coffee Beans & Teas are more than just a slogan. We are proud to align ourselves with such environmentally conscious organization such as, The UNDP Africa Project, The Latin American Coffee Growers Cooperative, The Malawi Women's Farming Program and The Royal Indian Tiger Reserve Project. 9th Street's partnership with these and other non-profit groups allows us the unique opportunity to provide a high quality, great tasting unique line of products, but more importantly, it helps enhance the lives of those who work so hard to bring it to us.

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